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Dark Systems London offers a wide range of IT related products and services

Practical Advice
Practical advice on how and what to implement when you need a new IT system Purchase direct from suppliers using our advice, we are not middlemen who increase your acquisition costs

IT Systems Reviews and Audits
Dark Systems can provide organisational reviews relating to your IT requirements which coupled with our IT implementation services can lead to better business practice and a happier work environment

We have always believed that once 'consultants' have provided the documentation about what, why and how much it will cost an organisation for their IT development that should not be the end of the matter.  We have a proven track record of delivering what we recommend, on time, within budget and works the way the client expects.

Bespoke Software Solutions
Our bespoke solutions have been delivered to a variety of organisations including national funding bodies and a Sunday Times top 250 company.

Once your system is in place we can provide support services to ensure that it stays up to date and develops at a pace you are comfortable with.

One Stop Solution
We provide a 'one stop' solution to all your IT requirements from initial review, through procurement (if required), implementation and ongoing support.

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