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Who we are and what we do

George Robb
Is the Managing Director of Dark Systems London and responsible for project management and client requirements.

George has over 20 years IT experience working with the arts funding system, arts funded clients and the private sector.  As a director of Dark Systems Limited he was involved with implementing major IT software solutions relating to both the National Arts and National Lottery funding schemes. 

During his time with Dark Systems London he has continued to manage various projects of different complexity.  He is committed to providing cost effective solutions to his clients.
David Rose
Is the Technical Director of Dark Systems London and responsible for all technical matters relating to a project.

David has over 25 years IT experience ranging from programming, installation and support of diverse systems such as mainframes, Unix, Novell, Windows and Linux servers and associated workstations.  The above experience also includes all the major developments associated with Microsoft products such as Exchange server and SQL server, David continues to attend training courses in order to ensure his technical skills keep pace with the fast moving IT sector.

In addition David has expertise in a wide variety of programming languages and is the creative force behind Dark Systems London cost effective bespoke software.

Support Staff

Dark Systems London has a number of other highly qualified staff who are responsible for the day to day support issues and programming needs of our clients.

Dark Systems London has call on a diverse range of professionally qualified associates to deal with areas of Finance, Strategy Development, Organisational Review and Analysis.

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