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Getting help and support

Firstly, call us on our dedicated support line  020 8144 8482 

We will try and resolve your problem over the phone. 

Unfortunately sometimes it takes more than talk and when this is the case we will connect to your PC remotely and resolve the problem.  Depending on where you are calling from we will either connect to your PC automatically or if this is not possible we will as you to click on the remote support icon above and enter the 6 digit code given to you by the person dealing with your problem.

About remote support

Remote Support is a quick, easy and smart way to solve most problems that occur with your computer and network. Dark Systems uses industry standard remote control software that allows users to simply click on the support icon above, allowing our technical support staff to quickly and efficiently correct any problems with the minimum amount of fuss.

By clicking on the Remote Support icon you are allowing Dark Systems access to your computers and or network, please speak with support staff on the support number above before clicking.


Is it safe and secure?

We use an industry standard commercially available piece of remote support software which has been specifically designed with security in mind. Some of the main security features include:

You have to approve the running of the remote client on your machine before we can gain access.

Once the remote session has been completed, the software client is terminated and completely removed.

You can terminate the remote session at anytime by a single click.

All communication that takes place during the remote session is encrypted.


Dark Systems will take all necessary precautions to safe guard any data or other computer files during the Remote Support session but cannot guarantee against any form of data loss.


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